Head Shop Cafe – Shijo Karasuma

The spirit of the tea ceremony “Sa-Dou” – hospitality is all about entertaining
Along a colourful alley just south of Shijo-Karasuma, a fancy silhouette from a secluded inner yard immediately strikes the eye of the curious wanderer. Okaffe’s hospitality starts from here.

“A surprise to the eyes, an emotion to the senses. And the connection with our customers is born. Everything that is service becomes entertainment” – Okaffe’s owner and barista, Akihiro OKADA.

Enjoy the coffee ceremony with the performance of Akihiro Okada, the entertainer barista.

Roastery & Coffee Stand – Arashiyama

Okaffe kyoto arashiyama is a boutique coffee Roaster where Loring Smart Roaster 7kg was first installed in Japan and Yamamoto Jumpei is working as a Head Roaster and Quality Control.

We introduce the attraction of Okaffe’s original “Coffee-dou” from both the main shop in Shijo Karasuma and the roaster in Arashiyama.